Mevrouw Faber

Hjalmar Tim Ilmer, Job Tichelman Short documentary - 2019 - 57 min.

Colourful documentary portrait of a married truck driver who wants a sex change. What does this mean for the marriage and family relationships? And how will people react in their Frisian community?

In the early 1980s, tough trucker Harm marries the shy country girl Siepie. Thirty years later, Harm tells her he wants to become a woman. This is hard to swallow for Siepie. Not just because she will lose her husband, but also because she fears the gossip in their small Frisian community. And how will people react in Harm’s male-dominated worlds of dirt tracking and truck driving? Moving, light-hearted film, largely carried by the protagonists’ tenacity, humour and rural down-to-earthness.


Director(s) Hjalmar Tim Ilmer
Job Tichelman
Script Job Tichelman
Hjalmar Tim Ilmer
Production Company
Director of Photography
Jeroen Vrielink
Sound on Set
Job Tichelman
Hjalmar Tim Ilmer
Floris de Haan
Job Tichelman
TV Company
Production Country