Meli Melo

Julian Wolf Short film - 2018 - 19 min.

Short drama about the life of a group of friends in the big city. Stuck in a daily rut of loitering and chilling, they discuss their future rather than working towards it.

This urban story about potency, sex and choices paints a portrait of a mixed group of youngsters in the vivacious streets of the metropolis of Brussels. Moktar and Felix both grew up in the district of Molenbeek, where childhood friend Dina with her Congolese roots and the blonde and tough Eva live too. They all struggle with a search for identity, ambitions and their place in this modern society. Felix, for example, dreams of hip hop and drugs, while Moktar tries to decide for himself where his happiness lies.


Director(s) Julian Wolf
Script Julian Wolf
Producer(s) Julian Wolf
Production Company
Director of Photography
Virgil Leclercq
Jasper Flikschuh
Costume Design
Renee van Avermeat
Sound Design
Eli Sundermann
Gorik van Oudheusden
Arber Aliaj
Tine Roggeman
Production Country