Meeting the Other Woman

Marieke Niestadt Short film - 2019 - 14 min.

One hour before being executed for the assassination of her lover, a woman is visited by his mourning widow, who wants some answers to questions about her life with her husband.

In an American prison cell, Kimberly is awaiting her execution. She received the death penalty for killing her lover. Then, she is visited by his widow Joan, who was present at the time he was assassinated by Kimberly, and until that moment was unaware there was another women in his life. This shocking event left many questions about Joan’s life with her husband unanswered. In a direct confrontation, she makes an ultimate attempt to get some answers about her love for and life with her husband.


Director(s) Marieke Niestadt
Script David Lambertson
Producer(s) Marieke Niestadt
Production Company
Ellen Utrecht
Anthony Boerma
Ellen Utrecht
Co-production Company
Midnight Pictures
Director of Photography
Bryan Koss
Production Design
Paula Loos
Sound Design
Fred Coury
Lisa Rene
Lotte Verbeek
Amy Motta
Production Country