KORT! - Colosseum

Gonzalo Fernandez Short film - 2019 - 11 min.

A successful kickboxer, Turkish by birth, finds out that under the window-dressing of our Dutch society something dark is brewing.

Heavyweight Kahn leaves a kickboxing tournament as the victor. He is struggling with polarisation in- and outside the ring. And he is fed up. Battle-weary, he enters a local bar somewhere. Initially, he seems to be treated with suspicion, until one of the white regulars approaches him kindly. Will this night help Kahn briefly forget his concerns about xenophobia in his career and daily life?


Production Company
Levitate Film B.V.
Kerstin Kambier
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Chris Doyle
TV Company
Still Photography
Production Country