Kom hier dat ik u kus

Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden Feature film - 2020 - 93 min.
Twelve plus

Tragicomic adaptation of Griet Op de Beeck’s eponymous, successful novel. By trial and error, Mona works her way through life, marked by her mother’s untimely death.

Mona is the eldest daughter in a family whose mother passes away at a young age. Kom hier dat ik u kus shows how Mona threads her way through life as a child, a twenty- and a thirty-something. While everyone bullies her, she tries to keep her footing in a world full of ego trippers and self-seekers. Until she realises this can’t go on. Tragicomic family drama, based on Griet Op de Beeck’s eponymous novel. 


Production Company
Annemie Degryse
Jan de Clercq
Executive Producer
Co-production Company
Lunanime bvba
Director of Photography
Production Design
Elsje de Bruijn
Daniëlle Schilling
Costume Design
Sound Design
Tanya Zabarylo
Tom Vermeir
Stefan Perceval
Wine Dierickx
Valentijn Dhaenens
Olivia Landuyt
TV Company
Still Photography
Production Country
Netherlands, Belgium