King of the Cruise

Sophie Dros Long documentary - 2019 - 75 min.
All ages

A glimpse of the decadent and bizarre world of cruise ships. Featuring an eccentric Scottish baron, on a mission to be recognised.

A rich and extravagant Scottish baron spends his days on luxurious cruise ships, surrounded by romantic couples, well-off families, slaving staff and relaxed retirees. A floating micro-community that is appealing to one and repulsive to another. While baron Ronald Busch Reisinger van Inneryne ostentatiously parades across the deck, in his kilt and royal cape, under the surface the universal human desire for recognition and validation seems to be at play.


Director(s) Sophie Dros
Production Company HALAL
Executive Producer
Tess Vermeer
Lieve Sue de Blok
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
TV Company
Still Photography
Lykle Tuinstra
Production Country
USA, Netherlands