Ben Sombogaart, Dries Vos Television drama - 2019 - 47 min.

TV drama in which a thrill-seeking woman endangers her family life by taking over an escort agency. Her double life rakes up a hidden, dark side.

Xandra (33) has a family and works for a successful events agency. Still she longs for more excitement in her life. When she decides to start managing a group of luxury escorts, she ends up in a world of sex, money laundering and violence. Leading such a dangerous double life, keeping her family out of harm’s way is not a simple task. Raw mix of crime and family drama, against the backdrop of metropolitan Amsterdam and the uncrowned cocaine capital of Antwerp.


Director(s) Ben Sombogaart
Dries Vos
Script Ian Ginn
Maarten Almekinders
Bram Renders
Philip Delmaar
Marnie Blok
Karin van der Meer
Producer(s) Reinier L. M. Selen
Ian Ginn