Boudewijn Koole Feature film - 2012 - 84 min.
Nine plus

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Muziek Helge Slikker

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NFF Publiekslieveling Speelfilm

Prijs v.d. Nederlandse Filmkritiek Boudewijn Koole

In family film, ‘adult theme’ like grief is beautifully treated by telling from a 10-year-old boy’s perspective how he rebels against his sorrowful father and secretly adopts a young jackdaw.

Award-winning family film impresses by discussing a serious theme like grief from a ten-year-old boy’s perspective, also by literally using camera angles from his viewpoint. His mother’s absence has caused an estrangement between father and son. The boy finds comfort with a young jackdaw that has fallen from the nest. He has to keep the bird hidden from his father, because the latter does not want any animals in the house. Jojo secretly calls his mother every day and on her birthday wants to surprise her with the bird. But his father absolutely refuses to celebrate the birthday of someone who is absent. Owing to the special bond with the jackdaw and the adaptability that only children have, Jojo eventually manages to tear down the walls around his father’s heart.


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