Inner Landscape

Frank Scheffer Long documentary - 2019 - 92 min.
All ages

In rapidly changing China, composer Guo Wenjing navigates between eastern and western music and between the old and the new in this documentary.

This documentary tells about the making of of the chamber operaSi Fan, which was composed in 2015 for the Nieuw Ensemble by the Chinese composer Guo Wenjing. InSi Fan (‘yearning for love’), Guo combines the traditional opera from his native Sichuan region with his own music, following his heart. Chief conductor Ed Spanjaard and Shen Tiemei, star singer of the Sichuan Opera, also talk about the differences between East and West, and between old traditions and modern times.


Production Company
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Qiao Jin
Menno Euwe
Production Country
Netherlands, China