Ik ben er even niet

Maartje Nevejan Long documentary - 2019 - 92 min.
All ages
Foul language

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Lange Documentaire Maartje Nevejan

Absence seizures, mainly in children between three and thirteen, occur on the borders of consciousness. Is it just an illness or also a door to a broader consciousness?

Absences, epileptic seizures that children are most susceptible to and that are characterised by a brief loss of consciousness, are unreal and often misunderstood occurrences. The film - based on the director’s personal experiences – describes the fear and loneliness caused by other people’s ignorance, and evokes the alienation and timelessness of the experience with poetical images and suggestive sounds. The documentary sees absences as much more than an affliction: as a phenomenon that raises questions about the bounds of our consciousness.


Ik ben er even niet

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Sat 28 Sep 22:00 - 23:34 11,00

Ik ben er even niet

Louis Hartlooper Complex 5 Sun 29 Sep 19:15 - 21:32 11,00

Screened with short film Mind My Mind (English spoken, Dutch subtitles). Are You There? is Dutch spoken with English subtitles. Q&A with director Floor Adams of Mind My Mind.

Gouden Kanshebbers | Ik ben er even niet

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Wed 2 Oct 19:00 - 21:15 11,00

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Director(s) Maartje Nevejan
Producer(s) Willemijn Cerutti
Production Company Cerutti Film
Esther van Lune
Vera Born
Co-production Company
Director of Photography
Sound Design
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