House of Salt

Willem Gerritsen Short film - 2019 - 14 min.
All ages

What can you do if you want to become part of a group that does not recognise your presence? In this short art film, a man learns what he must give up to be accepted.

A man ends up with a group of people who pretend he is simply not there. He does everything he can to become part of the group and learns what he must give up to do so. The film, full of symbolism and philosophical references, explores the themes of xenophobia and identity in human group behaviour. This is an immersive collaboration between fashion designer duo MARTAN, writer/director Willem Gerritsen and composer Raphael Vanoli (with the Asko Schönberg Ensemble), merging three art forms.


Director(s) Willem Gerritsen
Script Willem Gerritsen
Diek Pothoven
Luuk Kristan Kuijf
Producer(s) Levi Rijper
Willem Bos
Karlijn Paardekooper
Production Company
Czar Amsterdam
Executive Producer
Lisa Scheffers
Suze van Hasselt
Director of Photography
Jasper van Gheluwe
Myrthe Mosterman
Production Design
Daniëlle Schilling
Costume Design
Diek Pothoven
Luuk Kristan Kuijf
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
Meghan van der Meer
Bente van der Spek
Tip van den Bos
Jochem Smit
Visual Effects
Smoke & Mirrors Amsterdam
Raphael Vanoli
Minne Koole
Tanja Jess
Achraf Koutet
Elise van 't Laar
Mattheus Webster
Eva Bartels
Olga Zuiderhoek
Daanisj Mahabier
Benja Bruijning
Lizi Mesman
Anne Jurgens
Renato Bertolinio
Johannes Offerhaus
Production Country