Het voorval - Armando en de mythe

Sjors Swierstra, Roelof Jan Minneboo Short documentary - 2018 - 66 min.
Twelve plus
Foul language

The violent death of a German soldier plays a crucial role in the grating work of Armando, an artist who is fascinated with violence. Did he create his own myth?

Your life is shaped by the events in your childhood, claims fine artist Armando. His younger years were marked by a single, pivotal incident: During World War II, a boy defies the curfew. A German soldier stops him. The boy stabs him and runs away. In interviews, Armando often refers to this, but questions remain. His eyes sparkle; the filmmakers insist. Will he finally speak out? This quest for the truth and tribute to mystery shows how artist and work converge around guilt and memory, trauma and violence.


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Evert Aalten
Oleg Lysenko
Rutger Zuydervelt
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