Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle

Suzanne Raes Long documentary - 2019 - 86 min.

Josef Ganz, the Jewish engineer behind the Volkswagen Beetle, was exiled by the Nazis. His biographer and surviving relatives want to restore his legacy and literally put it back on the road.

Engineer Josef Ganz astounded Germany in 1932 with a revolutionary small car. It was his dream: a light, manoeuvrable and affordable car. Adolf Hitler shared his dream. But in Hitler’s Germany there was no place for the Jewish inventor. Incorporating archive footage and interviews with surviving relatives, the documentary tells the story of the man whose designs and ideas led to the invention of the Volkswagen Beetle, but who ultimately lost everything. Ganz’ relatives and admirers bring his lost legacy back to life.


Director(s) Suzanne Raes
Production Company Submarine
Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Ilja Roomans
Natalya Sarch
Co-production Company
Lichtblick Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
Paul Schilperoord
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Jascha Viehl
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Sven Kaiser
TV Company
Production Country
Netherlands, Germany