Lazlo Tonk, Dylan Tonk Long documentary - 2019 - 74 min.

Drag sensation Lady Galore undergoes a gastric bypass to tackle growing health problems. This documentary demonstrates that this metamorphosis does not only have advantages.

After almost a decade on stage, Lady Galore is a fixture in the Dutch drag scene. Within the European drag community, she made herself indispensable by devoting herself for many years to exposure and solidarity. But the dedication of Sander de Baas, the man behind Lady Galore, takes its toll. His obesity turns Lady Galore into a unique personality, but Sander is contending with serious health problems. A gastric sleeve surgery should quickly lead to a healthier bodyweight. But what will remain of Lady Galore?


Director(s) Lazlo Tonk
Dylan Tonk
Producer(s) Lazlo Tonk
Dylan Tonk
Production Company Dyzlo Film
Co-production Company
G3b Studios
Director of Photography
Lazlo Tonk
Dylan Tonk
Sound Design
Sander den Baas
Dyzlo Film
Production Country