Erwin Olaf - The Legacy

Michiel van Erp Long documentary - 2019 - 77 min.
All ages
Foul language

At sixty, photographer Erwin Olaf takes stock of a life of hard work. Countless questions emerge. Is his work valuable, and will it still be in the future? Has he mattered?

A decade after Erwin Olaf, on Beauty and Fall, Michiel van Erp has again made a documentary about photographer Erwin Olaf. With a double exhibition in The Hague and one at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Olaf (60) is urgently tackling his legacy. This raises several questions: what has been the significance of his career, what is the value of his work, has his artistry - and thus his life – been useful? Meanwhile, he seems more fragile than ever before: he is suffering from progressive pulmonary emphysema and uses his energy sparingly.


Director(s) Michiel van Erp
Script Michiel van Erp
Producer(s) Michiel van Erp
Monique Busman
Production Company
Director of Photography
Sound Design
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