Een andere droom

Tamara Shogaolu - 2019 - 23 min.

Interactive experience for two. This animated documentary and VR game in one makes you experience the love story of a lesbian couple who flee Egypt.

How do you build a new life when you know you will never be able to go back home? This question was the starting point for Tamara Shogaolu when making Another Dream. Another Dream is an animated documentary and VR game in one. The film tells the love story of a lesbian couple who, following the 2011 revolution, are fed up with the anger turned against the LHBTQ community and flee from Cairo to the Netherlands. Here, the pair hopes to find asylum as well as acceptance. Via the complementary installation, viewers can reflect on what they have seen, heard and felt in VR. Another Dream is the second instalment of Queer In A Time Of Forced Migration, an animated transmedia series documenting the stories of LGBTQ refugees from Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, amidst the 2011 revolution in the Middle East and North Africa, up to modern-day Europe.


Director(s) Tamara Shogaolu
Producer(s) Tamara Shogaolu
Lauren Dubowski
Natalya Sarch
Production Company Ado Ato Pictures
Sound Design
Xiao’ou Olivia Zhang
Amy Reed
Joseph Namy
Gata Mahardika
Ytje Veenstra
Marijn Karsten
Technical Realisation
Martijn Zandvliet
Anastasia Semenoff
Luciano Pinna
Production Country
Netherlands, Egypt, USA