Downward Facing Dogs

Karsten de Vreugd Short film - 2019 - 12 min.

When Mara hastily enters her yoga class, she tries to find her zen, only to find out her zen is at the end of letting out all her frustrations.

Find your zen. Easier said than done, especially if you have such a bad morning as Mara does. First she is bothered by her meddlesome mother, then she has trouble with her bicycle and when she arrives at her yoga school late, she gets a nasty health drink shot. To add insult to injury, the yoga teacher is an enthusiastic man who can’t keep his hands to himself. When he tries to help her a little too intimately, Mara is more than fed up. Get out of harm’s way!


Director(s) Karsten de Vreugd
Producer(s) Karsten de Vreugd
Production Company
Davide Wijnschenk
Director of Photography
Production Design
Michiel Camou
Sound Design
Benno van der Velde
Sound on Set
Benno van der Velde
Nils de Sitter
Koen van de Wardt
Still Photography
Herman Ypma
Ticho Welschen / Vanguard Action
Production Country
Netherlands Antilles