Albert Jan van Rees Feature film - 2018 - 89 min.
Twelve plus
Drug and alcohol abuse
Foul language

Doris is a woman of flesh and blood. Someone with anxiety attacks, sorrows and encrusted pans. Though she knows life is not a pink cloud, despite everything she keeps having grand and compelling dreams, in this captivating romcom sequel to the eponymous Net 5 series.

For a divorced, 45-year-old woman without any training, nice jobs are hard to come by. And how do you find a new love, when you have got two nit-picking teenagers at home, with whom you have this vulnerable, intimate trinity? And as if this is not complicated enough, Doris has been having very romantic dreams about Tim. Could it be time to face the fact that their thirty-year friendship has evolved into real love?


Director(s) Albert Jan van Rees
Script Roos Ouwehand
Producer(s) John de Mol
Alex Doff
Production Company
Talpa Fictie B.V.
Addy Otto
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Jan Willem van den Brink
Gabor Verhoeven
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
TV Company
Production Country