Dirty God

Sacha Polak Feature film - 2019 - 104 min.
Sixteen plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Film Marleen Slot

Beste Montage Sander Vos

Beste Muziek Rutger Reinders

Beste Regie Sacha Polak

After an acid attack that leaves Jade with scars on her face, arms and upper body, her social life has radically changed. Will she manage to regain her self-esteem? Moving, English-spoken film by Sacha Polak opened IFFR and one day later was the first Dutch film ever to première at the prestigious Sundance festival.

Jade and her two-year-old daughter live with her mother in a working-class area in London. In the prime of her life, an act of revenge by her ex has left her with permanent scars. The dazzling nightlife used to be Jade’s weekly highlight, but nowadays she is mainly stared at in clubs. This forces her to redefine her beauty. Despite all the painful experiences, Jade remains undaunted. Sacha Polak’s first English-spoken film has a star part for 23-year-old Vicky Knight, covered in burns herself, who makes her acting debut.


Director(s) Sacha Polak
Script Sacha Polak
Susanne Farrell
Producer(s) Marleen Slot
Production Company
Michael Elliott
Dries Phlypo
Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
John Keville
Conor Barry
Co-production Company
Emu Films
A Private View
Savage Productions
Director of Photography
Ruben Impens
Production Design
Costume Design
Sara Hakkenberg
Tine Deseure
Sound Design
Michelle Fingleton
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Vicky Knight
Katherine Kelly
Eliza Brady-Girard
Rebecca Stone
Bluey Robinson
Dana Marineci
TV Company
BBC Films
Still Photography
Parisa Taghizadeh
Production Country
Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland