De wereld aan je voeten

Michiel van Erp Long documentary - 2019 - 82 min.

Sequel to Tijd van je leven; portraits of eleven Utrecht-based children. Now, it is seven years later and they are eighteen, and almost grown up. Drawing from a now copious image archive of their lives, they take stock.

In Tijd van je leven (2011), Michiel van Erp portrayed eleven eleven-year-old children living in Utrecht. Since then, the project went on under the new title De wereld aan je voeten (The World at Your Feet). Now, the youngsters are eighteen and bidding farewell to their childhood. Which events determined their development and growth to this point? On the basis of a now rich archive of their individual lives, the protagonists take stock. A unique document of eleven recognisable, but also very different domestic situations, with the city of Utrecht as the common denominator.


Director(s) Michiel van Erp
Producer(s) Michiel van Erp
Monique Busman
Production Company De Familie Film & TV
Gijs Vroom
Liza Kemman
Director of Photography
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country