De vliegende hond

Johannes Hogebrink Long documentary - 2019 - 76 min.

To provide for his daughter and girlfriend, an artist decides to teach his dog to fly. And then film it.

Artist Johannes Hogebrink has a dream: he wants to be the first person ever to teach his dog to fly and then capture it on film. Unfortunately, his dog suffers from fear of heights. Will it be all right?

This film is screened as part of the education programme of NFF 2019 and is preceded by THE WALKING FISH, about a fish that wants to become human and finds out what it is like to go through life as a woman. 



De vliegende hond

Pathé Rembrandt 3 Mon 30 Sep 20:00 - 21:32 11,00

Forum van de Regisseurs | De vliegende hond

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Tue 1 Oct 15:00 - 17:04 11,00

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De vliegende hond

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Wed 2 Oct 22:00 - 23:43 11,00

De vliegende hond

Louis Hartlooper Complex 5 Thu 3 Oct 12:30 - 14:07 11,00


Production Company
Heinrich Ambrosch
Bettina Kuhn
Ernst de Jong
Friedrich Gruner
Co-production Company
Satel Film GmbH
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Martin Rohrmoser
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country
Netherlands, Austria