De marathon

Diederick Koopal Feature film - 2012 - 110 min.
Nine plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Vrouwelijke Bijrol Georgina Verbaan

UPC Gouden Kalf voor de Beste Publieksfilm Diederick Koopal

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Acteur Stefan de Walle

Beste Mannelijke Bijrol Martin van Waardenberg

Other prizes

Gouden Film (100.000 bezoekers speelfilm)

Four unathletic car mechanics in Rotterdam sign up for the Rotterdam Marathon to save their service station. The 010 equivalent of The Full Monty: social realism with a smile and a tear.

Four blokes from Rotterdam have been working like brothers for years in the garage of one of them. When the fiscal worst comes to the worst, the quartet gets the brilliant idea to run the Rotterdam Marathon for financial sponsorship. The crippled garage hand Youssef assumes the role of team coach, whose only experience with sports is a game of cards. The comparison to All Stars is obvious, but in tone and sentiment this tragicomic debut by commercial maker Diederik Koopal is more closely related to The Full Monty.