De Beentjes van Sint-Hildegard

Johan Nijenhuis Feature film - 2020 - 104 min.
All ages

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Film Ingmar MenningJohan Nijenhuis

Beste Montage Bas Icke, NCE

Beste Scenario Herman Finkers

Relationship comedy about stifling love, which Jan (Herman Finkers in his first film feature) can briefly escape after 35 years of marriage... in a nursing home.

Jan (Herman Finkers) has been married to Gedda (Johanna ter Steege) for 35 years. Gedda loves Jan so much that he finds it quite stifling. To her, marriage is a form of assisted living. In an attempt to get more space, Jan cuts such capers that he ends up in a nursing home. Their daughter Liesbeth (Leonie ter Braak), meanwhile, is in a similar relationship boat. This raises the question: How much love is too much love? Finkers also adapted the script for this comedy, which is spoken in the regional Twente dialect.


Production Company
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Production Design
Helen Hennekes
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Johanna ter Steege
Herman Finkers
Leonie ter Braak
Ferdi Stofmeel
Stef Assen
Aniek Stokkers
Daphne Bunskoek
Annie Beumers
Jan Roerink
TV Company
Still Photography
Production Country
Netherlands, Germany