Centraal - Khata

Aiman Hassani Television drama - 2019 - 48 min.
Twelve plus
Drug and alcohol abuse
Foul language

The teen brothers Hatim and Kamal appear to be well-behaved schoolboys, but meanwhile they have ended up in child prostitution, working around Rotterdam Central Station. When one of them falls in love with a punter, it puts relationships on edge.

Circumstances have landed Hatim (15) and Kamal (14), two Moroccan-Dutch boys, in child prostitution. At home, the teenage brothers behave like virtuous schoolboys, but meanwhile they are dealing with feelings of shame, blackmail and street aggression. When one of them develops a special bond with one of his regular punters, the situation escalates completely. Disheartening TV drama in which the possibility to escape this merciless world gets smaller and smaller for the siblings.


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Interakt Fiction BV
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