Daan Jongbloed Long documentary - 2019 - 71 min.

The Crutched Friars of St. Agatha chose a celibate life, but among each other they rarely discuss their abstinence. A taboo that is carefully broached in this documentary.

At a young age, the Crutched Friars of St. Agatha, the oldest still inhabited convent in the Netherlands, chose to lead a celibate life. In this small community, the friars rarely talk about sexual abstinence. But they do feel the need to discuss it, as is clear from this film that carefully broaches the taboo. In subdued observations and interviews about desires, struggles, doubts and loneliness, the documentary film paints a vulnerable and honest picture of men who chose a celibate life.


Director(s) Daan Jongbloed
Producer(s) Frank van Osch
Production Company
Director of Photography
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