Marina Meijer Short documentary - 2019 - 68 min.
All ages
Foul language

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Korte Documentaire Marina Meijer

Intimate and raw documentary in which young men with problematic backgrounds are put on their feet again at a transformation centre in Rotterdam. Will the outside world welcome them?

This documentary paints an intimate and realistic portrait of the (in)ability to change. At transformation centre De Nieuwe Kans, young men with various types of problems are supported by enthusiastic counsellors. They try to change them according to the standards of ‘normal’ society. Branded by their past, these young adults struggle with a society they hardly seem to fit in. Implicitly, this microcosm tells a bigger story about social inequality and the importance of sincere attention.


Director(s) Marina Meijer
Production Company
Executive Producer
Eline van Wees
Floor van Benthem
Director of Photography
Nicole Hálová
Sound Design
TV Company
Production Country