But Now Is Perfect

Carin Goeijers Short documentary - 2018 - 56 min.
All ages

The story of Nigerian Becky Moses shows how successful the generous refugees policy of the Italian mountain village of Riace in many respects was. But unfortunately it also shows the sad end.

Fleeing from an arranged marriage with an old guy, Nigerian Becky Moses ends up in Riace, Italy. This mountain village in Calabria became world-famous as a result of mayor Lucano’s open-door policy for immigrants. The film shows how the shrunk Italian community co-exists with the newcomers, how friendships are struck up and lives get entwined. Until the regional government terminates the subsidy. Becky is forced to leave the village, and ends up in an illegal immigrants camp – with fatal consequences.


Director(s) Carin Goeijers
Producer(s) Pieter van Huijstee
Production Company Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
Pascale Luycks
Carin Goeijers
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country