Bitter Sweet Morning

Tyka Beumers Short film - 2019 - 5 min.

Short animation about a fatigued mother and her little daughter. The latter is up and about early on a Sunday, because the plan was to have breakfast at the baker’s. But when they go there, they run into someone.

Sleeping late on Sundays? Not for this beavering mother. Her little daughter is unaware of any money troubles, sleepless nights or relationship issues. To her, life is one big party: she cheerfully sets out with her mom, to get a nice breakfast at the baker’s. But then there is an unexpected meeting.


Director(s) Tyka Beumers
Script Tyka Beumers
Producer(s) Tyka Beumers
Production Company
Tyka Beumers
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Felicia Kiessling
Tyka Beumers
Joep Nijhof
Daan Alberts
Tyka Beumers
Henk Beumers
Production Country