Alles is familie

Joram Lürsen Feature film - 2012 - 128 min.
Twelve plus
Drug and alcohol abuse
Foul language

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Mannelijke Bijrol Jacob Derwig

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Scenario Kim van Kooten

Other prizes

Gouden Film (100.000 bezoekers speelfilm)

Platina Film (400.000 bezoekers speelfilm)

Romantic comedy from the makers of Love Is All. Tensions in the De Roover family mount when each family member’s life takes an unexpected turn.

In every family something is going on: a washed out marriage, a painful mourning process, an unfulfilled desire to have children. But which family manages to arm themselves against an accumulation of complex entanglements? Tension mounts within the seemingly happy the Roover family when each member’s life takes an unexpected turn. As for predecessor Love Is All, Kim van Kooten wrote an acclaimed screenplay full of humour and romantic drama.


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Planet X
Hectic Electric
HecticprojeX (AVP)
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