A Fool's Paradise

Saskia Vredeveld Long documentary - 2019 - 79 min.

Road movie across South Africa, with Saskia Vredeveld as a white South African filmmaker with Dutch roots travelling around and wondering if her childhood under apartheid turned her into a racist.

In this road movie, filmmaker Saskia Vredeveld, who was born in South Africa, travels some 1100 miles across her native country, back to her roots. To her childhood, when it felt normal that 'others' were separated from whites. Now, the country has changed into a black culture with languages she does not speak, customs and practices she does not understand and values and standards that are alien to her. How can she feel at home again in her own country? Is there still a place for white people in today’s South Africa?


Director(s) Saskia Vredeveld
Producer(s) Pieter van Huijstee
Production Company
Marc Schwinges
Co-production Company
Underdog Productions
Director of Photography
Nic Hofmeyr
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Sibusiso Zulu
TV Company
Public Film
Amstel Film
Production Country
Netherlands, South Africa