His best friend and his mother ask director Diego Gutiérrez to film them. They both know their end is near. By talking, the two try to understand themselves and the world.
Intimate and poetical documentary about life’s big questions. Why are we here? Is it worthwhile? Is it enough? The approaching death of two loved ones leads to an expedition, an exorcism and an invocation to prepare for the great leap into the void. By listening to his mother and his friend, filmmaker Danniel Danniel, by comparing himself to them and by joining them on their journey, the filmmaker tries to get close to something. To that which defies explanation.


Executive producer
Sound Design
Production company
Co-production company
No Ficción
TV company
Distributor NL
Mokum Filmdistributie
Postproduction company
Amator Postproductie

Title: The Mirror and the Window
Year: 2021
Duration : 1 hour, 32 minutes
Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Family, Body & Mind, Death
Edition: NFF 2022

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