Through the eyes of a hedgehog and a magpie, we look at the struggle Dutch people have with their lawns. Can nature be tamed and, if so, what does it bring us?
From above, the magpie looks at people from afar. The hedgehog, on the other hand, is close to them. Together, they observe their frustrations and obstacles, working towards the perfect lawn. This documentary shows the people as they are. Without interviews, from the animals’ viewpoints, we hear scraps of conversation and the comments by lawn caretakers on what they come across, from lawnmower to weed killer. The mole catcher, for example, tells his most juicy anecdotes. Our obsession with control and perfection yields some absurd situations. But what are the eventual implications for man and animal?


Executive producer
Sound Design
Postproduction company

Title: Teledoc Campus - De stand van het gras
Year: 2022
Duration : 25 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Edition: NFF 2022

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