For more than a decade, the Bijlmer Parktheater has been programming artistically high-quality drama. As an early pioneer, director Ernestine Comvalius makes the whole Bijlmer feel at home in this theatre.
In the Bijlmer, in the southeast of Amsterdam, where most people have a migration background, people have to fight for a positive self-image. Because if you have non-Western roots, you can’t automatically participate in the Netherlands. In this documentary, Ernestine Comvalius, director of the Bijlmer Parktheater, takes up this fight. For example by making sure that young creatives can show what they got, also in the white theatre world. Or in a coproduction with the Orkater company. The production De Gliphoeve does justice to the shocking experiences of newly arrived Surinamese people. Ernestine is moved. And when Bijlmer residents come to these beautiful performances in the Parktheater, they can hardly believe their eyes: Is this really for us?


Executive producer
Sound editing
Color correction
Production company
Boa Producties

Title: Spiegel van de Bijlmer
Year: 2022
Duration : 46 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Identity, Art & Culture, Society
Edition: NFF 2022

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