In South Sudan, soldiers put down their weapons and break bread with a curious stranger. Employed by the Red Cross, the Dutch ex-soldier Albert talks to them about war crimes and how to avoid them.
From the Anglo-Egyptian colonial repression through today’s civil war: South Sudan has always met with violence. This observational documentary follows Albert, traversing the interior of this beautiful, wounded country in a motorboat. He comes with a mission: teaching this country’s fighting soldiers the rules of war, thus protecting both soldiers and civilians against inhumane treatment. Armed with his own military experience, his determination and a set of miniature figurines, Albert delivers his pitch to exhausted young soldiers. Despite numerous misunderstandings, everyone wants to get something out of the exchange.


Sound Design
Set geluid
Sound editing
Production company
Lemming Film

Title: Rules of War
Year: 2022
Duration : 54 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Society, Politics, De grens bereikt
Edition: NFF 2022