28 days, 28 Telegram channels matching each day of the menstrual cycle, so anyone with a womb could join this live hormone safari on the appropriate day. Revealing, enlightening and taboo-breaking.

Fifty percent of people have a uterus, yet oddly enough, few know much about the hormone cycle that comes with it. Maandverbond (The Cycle Club) explored the wonderful world of the menstrual cycle via Telegram, and didn’t shy away from taboos. The project ran for 28 days – the length of an average menstrual cycle – on 28 parallel Telegram channels, so participants could join the channel that matched the day in their own cycle and head off on a hormone safari. Gynaecologists, hormone experts and women sharing their own experience explored a wealth of hormonal topics – everything you would have liked your biology teacher to spend a little more time explaining. In the intimate environment of their smartphone, participants received daily videos, audio messages or infographics to match the current time in their cycle. And also as a conversation starter – why don’t we talk more openly about menstruation? What’s the best time in your cycle to shine? And what does menstruating feel like if you have a uterus but you’re not a woman?

Voted best digital media project in Europe at the Prix Europa Festival 2021 and nominated for De Tegel 2022 in the Online category.

Maandverbond (The Cycle Club) was part of Storyspace, an exhibition in the Neude Library.

Title: Maandverbond
Year: 2021
Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Society, Zelfbeeld
Edition: NFF 2022