Affectionate documentary about Hetty (76) and Jeanne (91), who love each other and life. But this gets harder now that Jeanne is fundamentally changing due to dementia. Their relationship changes inevitably.
Until not so long ago, Hetty (76) and Jeanne (91) fully enjoyed life and each other’s company. But now that Jeanne is growing demented, Hetty has single-handedly taken on the care for her ‘most dearest’. Hetty wants to accept Jeanne as she is, no matter what, but she struggles with what Jeanne can still comprehend. Should Hetty accept help, despite her fear that this will undermine Jeanne’s confidence? Affectionate documentary as a tribute to love, and a search for new ways of solidarity.


Executive producer
Sound editing
Sound Design
Production company
Tangerine Tree
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Title: Liefsteling
Year: 2022
Duration : 1 hour, 12 minutes
Category: Feature documentary
Theme: LGBTQIA+, Body & Mind, Love & Romance
Edition: NFF 2022

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