Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms compose a state-of-the-art custom opera from trillions of hours of online video content. As a participant, you literally and figuratively set this whole wonderful thing in motion.

Reality does not exist, and if it does, this automated audiovisual artwork creates a different performance for every moment, time and individual. LAWKI allows human and machine to merge into one voice, whereby the algorithm constantly creates new compositions from countless of hours of specially composed audio and online video material. The result is a truly unique "opera" that is never the same, presenting the world around us in all its confusing craziness on nearly a hundred screens. The world spins on and on and on, but just when you think you understand it, it has already changed again. The enchanting and perhaps also disturbing experience raises important questions, such as whether artificial intelligence works for or against us and whether we are still in charge of our own imaginations.

LAWKI was part of Storyspace 2022, an exhibition in the Neude Library.

Title: LAWKI (Life As We Know It)
Year: 2021
Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Society, Identity
Edition: NFF 2022

Gouden Kalf winner

Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Zuzanna Zgierska
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Roosje Klap
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Arran Lyon
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Federico Campagna
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Louis Braddock Clarke
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Senka Milutinović
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Teoniki Rozynek
Best Digital Culture Production (2022)
Valentin Vogelmann


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