A surreal and spiritual VR journey through stunning visuals and stories about… sand? Absolutely. Because the supply of this raw material which is essential to our existence is under threat.
"Remove everything that depends on sand from our lives and our world would look dramatically different. We would have no glass, no computer chips, no buildings. We are simply not aware of how important sand is in everyday life," says geologist and sand expert Michael Welland. His commentary in this virtual reality exploration opens your eyes to the past and future of one of our most valuable – though unfortunately not inexhaustible – resources. On this spiritual VR journey, space and time merge in five chapters through imaginary landscapes, past colossal floating grains of sand to the dredgers that scrape it from the ocean floor for industrial use.


Concept Developer
Executive producer
Sound Design
Set geluid
Sound editing
Visual Effects

Title: Last Grain of Sand
Year: 2022
Duration : 11 minutes
Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Society
Edition: NFF 2022