What do you mean, climate apathy? Five militant youngsters cannot bear to watch their world going to the dogs and take action.
The consequences of the climate crisis become increasingly apparent: heat records are continually broken, the biodiversity is drastically declining and the first islands are already going under. More and more people in their twenties and thirties realise their future is at stake, if nothing changes right now. Among a growing number of young people, this distressing realisation leads to feelings of anxiety, sadness, stress and despair. In her portrait of a militant and devoted generation navigating between hope and despair, filmmaker Ingeborg Jansen follows Sebastiaan, Merijn, Sandra, David and Ayla: five twenty-somethings who can no longer bear to watch how the earth is going down the drain. They joined climate action group Extinction Rebellion. There is not much these rebels shrink from.


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Title: Klimaatrebellen
Year: 2022
Duration : 56 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Society, Politics
Edition: NFF 2022