Drip, drip, drip. Each humiliation or scornful look telling you you don’t belong fills the vat of negative emotions in this free animation. But what if the last drip makes the bucket overflow?
Her hair is too long, she sings too loudly on her bicycle and she is simply not cool enough to sit with the others. All these minor social situations fill up the bucket, drop after drop, in this short animation about the stress caused by the inclination to please everyone and self-effacement. Using different styles and media, including ink, lino, digital animation and post-it notes, a teenage girl’s everyday life is sketched. Until, one good (or bad?) day, she is really fed up with it. Enough!


Creative producer
Production company
AKV|St. Joost

Title: Fuck It
Year: 2022
Duration : 6 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie, Identity
Edition: NFF 2022