You already know the car wash, but have you ever heard of the chick wash? In this stop-motion film, poultry is continually given a thorough showering and scrubbing service.
Their yellow down isn’t entirely immaculate, so a group of chicks gets a thorough cleaning. Let’s go to the miniature car wash! From the plunge pool to the drying table and the conveyor belt, where various devices and mechanisms polish the little birds. But what do the chicks do after their bathing and showering adventure, in this fascinating and perhaps also rather disturbing stop-motion film? Made for the WASSTRAAT exhibition of art gallery De Vishal in Haarlem.


Executive producer
Production Design
Sound Design
Production company
de Forest

Title: Chick Wash
Year: 2022
Duration : 3 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie
Edition: NFF 2022