Third instalment in the eponymous comedy series around the madcap adventures of FC Kip employees. Robertico poses as the owner of the Rotterdam-based fast-food restaurant, thus obviously getting into a jam.
Robertico poses as the owner of FC Kip to impress Zoë. She is a lawyer at Wicked Chicken, an American fast-food giant who wants to take over FC Kip. What could possibly go wrong there? Everything, of course. Especially when the rude Judeska, Ping Ping and Rajesh join Robertico on his trip to New York, where the take-over will take place. How will Robertico tell Zoë that in reality he only delivers chicken dishes? At any rate, all FC Kippers raise hell in the American metropolis, in this rollicking comedy.


Title: Bon Bini Holland 3
Year: 2022
Duration : 1 hour, 24 minutes
Category: Feature fiction film
Edition: NFF 2022

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Gouden Kalf van het Publiek (2022)