Documentary about the vicissitudes of various Rotterdam-based 70-somethings who jointly train at a gym to stay fit. This is quite demanding for their stiff bodies, but quitting isn’t an option.
At the break of dawn, a group of seniors in sports outfits are waiting in front of the closed door of their gym in a new housing estate on the Maas in Rotterdam. At seven o’clock sharp, these dedicated seniors – around twenty of them – take over the facility. It is their home base. Their coffee joint. This gym in a metropolis is a world of its own. The elderly men are all in the same boat: their bodies are faltering, their social circles are shrinking. But this place brings them together and gives them great pleasure.


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Title: Blijven gaan
Year: 2022
Duration : 56 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Identity, Body & Mind, Society
Edition: NFF 2022

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