A young Syrian man has to fulfil his military service in a prison, where he faces a monstrous dilemma. Will he be able to survive this without harming others?
Nader has to do his military service as a guard in a Syrian prison. Here, he witnesses how a colleague lives it up when torturing a detainee. In this short drama, the young man refuses to follow his officer Abu Hanan’s order to take part in these practices too. But his decision is not simply accepted by his superior. Will Nader find a solution to survive within the walls of this institution, without harming others?


Sound Design
Production company
AKV|St. Joost
Distributor NL
Wind Cinema

Title: Beyond the Sun
Year: 2022
Duration : 16 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Society, Politics, Suspense & Crime
Edition: NFF 2022