On the Turkish-Iranian border, the 19-year-old Afghan twin sisters Zahra and Fatima lose their family. Fleeing to Europe, determined to find back their relatives, they face some tough choices.
Fleeing to Europe, the Afghan twin sisters Zahra and Fatima must stand their ground among human traffickers and drug dealers, as well as try to reach Europe. Who can be trusted? How can they be reunited with their family? Arriving on Lesbos, their misery does not yet come to an end. To give meaning to their dead-end lives, the teenage girls interview the women they share a far too cramped tent with. Director Mijke de Jong based her film on the personal stories of protagonists Malihe and Nahid Rezaie, and those of other young and vulnerable women.


Executive producer
Production Design

Title: Along the Way
Year: 2022
Duration : 1 hour, 20 minutes
Category: Feature fiction film
Theme: Family, Identity, Society, Politics, De grens bereikt
Edition: NFF 2022

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Regie (2022)
Mijke de Jong