In Storyspace, the exhibition that again takes place in the Bibliotheek Neude this year, you can experience eleven projects under the header 'For Real' that compete in the race for the Golden Calf for Digital Culture, previously the Golden Calf for Best Interactive.

Though new narrative forms, you explore how reality presents itself to us: with a game, you can build and launch your own rockets and proceed to create an independent internet, you can buy clouds, have an intelligent conversation with a vacuum cleaner, meet your own VR IVF-X cyborg baby, and wrest from a real internet escape room, but you can also find out everything about blockchain. Each work has its own form and has to be handled in its unique way. Experience the world of Storyspace from 24 September to 1 October in Bibliotheek Neude.

The works include:
Apart Samen
Blowing through the curtains
Engelen van Amsterdam
Good Neighbours (live performance in Lombok on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September)
Habitat (only on Saturday 25 September)
I want to delete it all, but not now
IVF-X: Posthuman Parenting in Hybrid Reality. Hatch and meet your cyborg baby
Next Space Rebels
Trust in the Blockchain Society

Plan your visit to Storyspace
Storyspace takes place at Bibliotheek Neude from 24 September to 1 October. Here you can experience ten works, with five installations being free of charge. For the four VR works, tickets with a time slot can be bought online (price: €2.50).

Besides, separate tickets are available for the escape room I Want to Delete It All, But Not Now (price: €2.50)

In the Lombok district, you can immerse yourself in the performance Good Neighbours: a walk through this quarter in combination with interactive technology and a live performance (price: €8)

Digitale Cultuur Storyspace Talks & events