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Catch up with fellow AV professionals over a drink at Zindering, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht’s theatre restaurant. Daily from 23 to 26 September at 17:00, admission free of charge and no ticket needed.

On Sunday 25 September, NFF Professionals Drinks will be co-hosted by The Back Lot and the Netherlands Film Fund.

The Back Lot is a non/low profit organization founded in 2002 with the aim of contributing to the social-cultural development in Suriname. Film is an important tool in this and The Back Lot is therefore working on structure, volume and training/education within the sector.

DocuLab '10 for 50' is the sequel to the highly successful project DocuLab 8 for 40, and the project is aimed to give the Surinamese culture in general and the Surinamese film culture in particular a boost. DocuLab is made possible through close cooperation with the Netherlands Film Fund.

Professionals Borrels & Feestjes