Filming with an entire team in breathtaking landscapes without clocking up a single Air Mile: virtual production has radically changed filmmaking. With a game engine, a real time digital setting is created on the set. The actors don’t perform in front of a green screen, but see the world around them on a large LED screen. These environments are tailored down to the smallest detail, giving the actors a better frame of reference.

When should you choose not to fly off to Morocco with a full crew if you can also create a perfectly good – and more manageable – desert in the studio? How does VP alter the film production process practically? In the session on virtual production, our guests will discuss the far-reaching consequences of VFX in pre-production, which profoundly alters the creative process for the entire crew. What is it like to collaborate in this new way? The main point is that VP is not the ideal option for all films, but is a handy tool to use from the perspective of control and finance.

Guests include creative director Idse Grotenhuis, who graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy 30 years ago, started his career as a director on the Netherlands’ longest-running soap GTST, and went on to work as a creative producer of drama series for various production houses.

Language: English

NFF Prof Special: Virtual Production
1 hour, 29 minutes
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