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NFF Prof Talk: Peter Monsaert

Drawing on personal experiences and supported by visual material and case studies, Peter Monsaert will explain his working process as a director.

Flemish director Peter Monsaert (Offline, La Ciel Flamand) writes his own films. Fascinated by everything that happens around him, he likes to conceive stories that are believable both for himself and for his audience. Central themes in his work are connection, hope and complex family ties – his latest film Nowhere tells the story of an ex-truck driver who takes care of a homeless teenager.

During this Prof Talk, Monsaert will discuss the importance of dialogue and connection. He makes a plea for finer nuances, and explains how understanding for others plays a major role not only in his films, but in society as a whole.

Date: Saturday 24 September 2022
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Stadsschouwburg - Blauwe Zaal
Price: €19,50 regular, €13,50 students
Language: English

Made possible in part by the Dutch Directors Guild (DDG).

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