An NFF Prof Talk not to be missed: the guests are two women with impressive careers in post audio. Dialogue supervisor and sound editor Mildred Iatrou (United States) and sound designer, sound supervisor and re-recording mixer Ai-Ling Lee (Singapore) collaborated on First Man, La La Land and Wild, winning multiple nominations.

In this Prof Talk, a collaboration between NFF, VCA and SoundGirls, Iatrou and Lee will discuss their careers, the obstacles they have overcome as two of the few women in the field, and why their collaboration has been so successful. They will also show excerpts of films they have worked on together and give a detailed analysis of the sound design. In Wild, for example, they made use of dynamics, and rapid, raw changes in the sound. In First Man they took a different approach: as the first step on the moon is taken, you hold your breath to be absorbed in the absolute silence.

Neither of the women will be present in person: Ai-Ling Lee will appear in a recorded interview, and Mildred Iatrou will join the session online. Under the expert guidance of VCA’s own SoundGirl Aline Bruijns, we will explore the magic of this sound duo, and the audience will have the opportunity to talk to Mildred Iatrou.

Language: English

This programme is a collaboration with VCA.
NFF Prof Talk: Mildred Iatrou & Ai-Ling Lee
2 hours
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